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Each program have installer with uninstaller. Uninstaller removes all program files from disk and all it's registry entries.

Info Mars Notebook 2.21
5.43 Mb
Very useful tree-styled personal information organizer. Full featured text editor with tables, formatting, hyperlinks, pictures, spellchecker, styles... Any amount of sections can be created at any tree level, supports strong data encryption. Import/export from/to MS Word, HTML, CHM, PDF and a lot of more features...

Info Mars WinCleaner 1.8
748 Kb
Utility to clean-up your computer from unnecessary files. It can automatically remove many privacy and performance oriented files and registry entries, including Find history, Temp files, Cookies, Internet history and more...

Info Mars Banks Base 1.1
3.78 Mb
Banks database. Contains 11 bases: US banks ABA numbers, US banks routing numbers, credit cards BIN numbers for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, US ZIP codes, US busy phones, SSN regions, US area dial codes, US states, UK states. Supports searching and filtering, program skins and more...

Info Mars Installer 1.5
EN / RU / ES
876 Kb
Automatic software installation system for unattended install. Very configurable automatic installer with only two files: exe and ini. Can be easily multilanguage, supports sections, unlimited amount of commands to execute, language depended commands, builtin section icons and much more...

Info All Minsk Phones 1.4 (obsolete)
9.30 Mb
Phones database for Minsk city, Belarus. Has lot of search possibilities, filters. Can print data found. Contains more than 700,000 records. Available only in russian.

Info Trace Sort 1.1 (obsolete)
824 Kb
This program for students of colleges and universities. It shows 12 methods of arrays sorting. Can trace each algorithm step-by-step with random or manually entered data. Have full help about each method. Also DOS version included in this package. Available only in russian and now this project is closed.

Third party products

Good third party programs with installers created for them by Mars Software with additional components.

Info Total Commander 8.01 MarsPack 1
14.04 Mb
The best file manager for Windows. This pack contains last version of Total Commander 32 and 64 bit, a lot of additional plugins, config file with gray color scheme and lot of additional features...

Info Miranda 0.8.0 alpha build #24 MarsPack 9 Unicode
12.1 Mb
Installer for the best instant messenger client. Contains latest version of Miranda with lot of useful plugins, smilies, sounds, themes and russian language.

Info Download Master MarsPack
4.83 Mb
Advanced download manager. Download Master lets you to noticeably increase the speed of file download from the Internet. This installer is slimmer than original one because it does not contain Yandex Toolbar and supports silent installation with /S switch.

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