New version is available - 1.8 beta

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October 7, 2005
New version 1.8 beta of Mars WinCleaner is available.

What's new:

[+] You can see what is cleaning up now even without statistics window
[+] Possibility to stop cleanup process
[+] Support for Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape 8
[+] Information window hints with directory paths
[+] Possibility to cleanup index.dat files immediatly
[-] Maximum overwrite files count is 15 (instead of 20)
[-] Auto close process window option removed
[*] "Show statistics if minimized" changed to "Immediatly show statistics"
[*] New version checking algorithm improved
[*] Index.dat files cleans with corresponding IE section (cookies, history, cache)
[*] System tray icon wasn't disappear when trying to start second copy of program
[*] Sometime exception appears when exit from program in Windows 9x
[*] Memory leak when cleaning for all users fixed
[*] Registration key was moved from registry to separate file
[*] A lot of other internal fixes and improvements

[+] - Added
[-] - Removed

[*] - Fixed, improved[/color]

Cleanup for Internet Explorer autocomplete data may not work under Windows XP + IE 6 SP1 and later. Will be fixed in release.
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