New version is available - 1.8 beta 3

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Unread post Sat Nov 19, 2005 1:30 pm

November 19, 2005
New version 1.8 beta 3 of Mars WinCleaner is available.

What's new:

[*] System tray icon is animated when minimized while cleaning up
[*] Microsoft Office history files cleanup working again
[*] Wrong totals in statistic window
[*] File erasing improved and deleted file will be renamed too
[*] Checks on items shifts after sorting in user config manager
[+] More predefined applications in user config options
[+] New command line parameter "/erase" to securely erase any file(s)

Using /erase command line parameter you can securely erase any files(s). It's possible to pass multiple files here using comma or space as separator. Long file names must be in "". Example:
WinCleaner.exe /erase:filename1.ext, file2.ext "long file name.tmp",onemorefile.ext

Files will be securely erased with 2-pass overwrite.
If /erase used all other parameters will be ignored.

[+] - Added
[-] - Removed

[*] - Fixed, improved[/color]

Cleanup for Internet Explorer autocomplete data may not work under Windows XP + IE 6 SP1 and later. Will be fixed in release.
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