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that I have to modify so that the program install different things depending on the operating system¡
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Mars Installer cannot detect what Windows version you're using.
But you can create a different .ini files for each Windows version.
I'm gonna think about detecting Windows version and using appropriate .ini file for the next release but now you must do it manually.

This program is made to be started from Windows installation (GuiRunOnce, cmdlines.txt) so depending on Windows you're installing you can run appropriate .ini file. If you're running it from already installed Windows - there is no way do run appropriate .ini (x86 or x64 for example).
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Nice Idea. I''ve already think about it.
But till now I install Vista very rare, so I do not need this feature right now.
But it become usefull.
I think the best way to use same way which drivers:
Vista - 6.0
XP - 5.1
2000 - 5.0

For checking use better one of the system files e.g. kernel32.dll
And add variable to ini file like OSVersion=
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