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Unread post Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:11 pm

Thanks for this useful application! I've been using the trial version for a little while and have a small bug(?) to report:

Say I create a new database called "demo." When I right-click on "demo" and explore the menu I have no option to "add subsection"; rather I have the option to "add section." My taskbar icon options are the opposite. For instance, say I left click once on "demo" and look at my taskbar tree options. The "add section" is in inactive but the "add subsection" is available. Using the former method (right-click --> add section) gives me an improper tree structure (somehow it is not connected to the main database). Moreover, I get no collapse/expand indicators (e.g. +/-). Using the taskbar's "add subsection" icon gives me a proper hierarchical structure that I can expand and collapse. Can this be corrected?

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This tree right-click menu bug was fixed and new version (1.61) will be available soon (in 2-3 days).
Now you can use Ins button or toolbar menu. And it was only for the root node.
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Thanks for the quick response! I look forward to the new version. - Sligo
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