Trial Limitations?

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I have a few more (potential) issues with the program to report. However, I'm uncertain if they are intentional trial limitations, minor bugs, or even the result of user error (I have read the information page about the [un]registered feature limits and searched the forum as well). I share my concerns:

1. .png images of various dimensions disappear after being inserted. For instance, I'll create two nodes, "node 1," and "node 2." If I insert a .png image in node 1, switch to node 2 and then return to node 1 the image is gone. This is not the case for .jpg images.

2. I can export the "current document" to .rft but not to .doc or .docx (perhaps more). MS Word 2007 is installed if that matters. I get the message, "There was an I/O error. Unable to write a file." The current document I'm attempting to export contains only text.

3. I cannot edit the main database page; it remains the start-up page labeled, "Welcome to Mars Notebook." While I find the information useful, will I be able to edit that page or delete it at some point (perhaps after registering the program)?

Again, all this may be intentional - I just can't find any information that addresses what I have experienced.
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1. Was an 1.6 bug. Already fixed in 1.61

2. It's a knows problem with Office converters (by Microsoft) and appears for Office 2007 only.

3. The tree node will remain as is. It's a feature. You cannot edit it.
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