Problems with version 1.61 and suggestions

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Here are my problems with version 1.61 and some suggestions for new versions of MARS Notebook:

1.Bugs (I am not sure those are program bugs or my Vista fault):
--unable permanent setting preferences (for example “Mark selected row in tree completely” – no matter I leave this option unmarked - each time the program starts this option seems to be enabled);
--unable permanent setting “Page Setup” features – the problem similar to described above.

--adding horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of Tree panel – for better view a complicated tree structure;
--adding the word wrap to window size in the editor – only vertical scroll bar will be needed to read/edit whole text;
--adding a compression algorithm to make data base file smaller – TreelasticPad has very interesting features in this case.
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1.1 "Mark selected row in tree completely" is really a bug, thanks. Will be fixed ASAP.
1.2 Printer page setup will not be saved. It's not a bug.

2.1 Seems it was disabled by a mistake. Will be fixed.
2.2 I didn't understood
2.3 This in todo list already.

Add: You can re-download version 1.61 from the same location with "Mark selected row in tree completely" bug fixed.
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