Mars Notebook 2.1

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Mars Notebook 2.1 is available

[*] High CPU usage with auto spell check enabled in empty document
[*] Paste from MS Word will not try to paste as HTML but as RTF
[*] Previous document margins were inherited to a new section
[*] Ruler margins depends on window/editor size
[*] Full Bulgarian translation for standard dialogs
[*] Ctrl+L shortcut were changed to Alt+L
[+] Some new keyboard shortcuts added (reset to default to apply)
[+] FontPreview config parameter to enable/disable font style preview
[*] Improved installer with install/portable mode selection
[+] Chinese BIG5 and Italian translations
[*] All language files are Unicode now
[*] Some improvements and fixes
--------------------------------------------------------------------[2.1 RC3]---
[+] Ability to insert YouTube videos
[+] Support for drag and drop attachments
[+] Ability to count words/characters/paragraphs in your documents
[+] Export to HTML with tree saves one summary CSS file for all pages
[+] Main hotkey minimizes program if it's already active
[*] Maximum section name length changed from 100 to 200 symbols
[*] Fixes in branch export to Mars Notebook Database
[*] Right click on the ruler shows paragraph options
[*] Some improvements in editor and dialogs
--------------------------------------------------------------------[2.1 RC2]---
[*] Some bugfixes
[*] Language files updated
--------------------------------------------------------------------[2.1 RC1]---
[+] Toolbars are fully customizable
[+] Enhanced eyedropper with zoom in advanced color dialog
[*] Attachments were not available after restore from locked mode
-----------------------------------------------------------------[2.1 beta 1]---
[+] Support for templates (menu Insert->Template)
[+] German localization added
[+] New Office 2010 skins for calendar
[+] Four new skins (Cloud, Office 2007 olive/pink/rose)
[*] Locked toolbars retains their positions after program opens
[*] Attachments were not available after database compacting
[*] Changing text case with different styles will not lose them
[*] Minor bug fixed and cosmetic changes
Download from here: MarsNotebook21.exe [3920Kb]
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