need users to report their experience with html copy-paste

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I have tried using this notebook on two different machines and have reinstalled it several times trying to
get it to simply show what I copy from the web and it always messes up the text. So I would like to know
your experience with copying and pasting from the web. It also doesn't matter which browser I use out
of the big 3.
Here is the page I can give you for an example to try : ... ahloo.html

(This is a sample of how it looks in Mars Notebook :)

Maj Sj?�wall & Per Wahl?�?�: Top Crime Ficion Series
Short biography:
Maj Sj?�wall was born in 1935. She is a writer and journalist in Sweden. Per Wahl?�?� was born in G?�teborg in 1926. After finishing his studies in 1946 he worked as a journalist. Per Wahl?�?� died in Stockholm on June 23, 1975.
Maj Sj?�wall and Per Wahl?�?�, both journalists and both politically radical, met in 1961 while working for magazines published by the same company. They married the next year and the carefully planned crime series (essentially police procedurals), 10 books in 10 years, was written in the evenings, after their children had been put to bed. The series is called "The Story of a Crime"
Help ! Can anyone explain the black triangles and ?? everywhere ? I use the latest browsers and Win 7.
Even if you don't know why this happens PLEASE leave a note of your experience good or bad with html copying.
I have regrettably already purchased this software and didn't check it out thoroughly ( my bad )! Since then
I have tried several other similar notebook tools that do the job perfectly on every page tried. It is only this
one that I won't work right for me. What about for you ????????????????????????
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As I said before - no problems here (Windows 7 x64, Mars Notebook 2.1):
Copied from Firefox 4.0.1 but from IE9 is the same - no problems.
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