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November 20, 2008
Mars Notebook 1.61 has been released.
Can be downloaded from HERE

What's new:

[*] New program icon
[+] Document export to Adobe PDF
[*] Ability to set last used color for the text
[*] Dropping of any supported import file into editor
[+] Ctrl+Tab shortcut switches between tree and editor
[+] Recent fonts list saving on program exit
[+] The name of the newly created section contains creation date and time
[*] Inserted PNG images were not saved into the database
[*] Some rearrangements in editor popup menu
[*] Style selection hotkeys were shifted, now Ctrl+0..9 and Ctrl+\ for default
[*] Drag'n'drop was not disabled in readonly mode
[*] Hang up while loading damaged database from Mars Notebook 1.4
[*] Autobackub saved copies to default folder only (same as original database)
[*] Some minor bug fixes and improvements

August 18, 2008
Mars Notebook 1.6 has been released:

[+] Drag'n'drop tree sections with mouse
[+] Whole database export to a multiple HTML files with tree
[+] Whole database export to a multiple RFT files
[+] Possibility to add new sibling section
[+] Saving images from document to a file
[+] Option to lock toolbars
[+] Some special characters insert shortcuts
[*] Backup database filename contains date is was created
[+] Opened database name in main window title
[+] Tree in the link insert dialog to pick local links
[+] Desktop color picker in advanced colors dialog
[-] Windows standard color dialog
[+] Editor panning with middle mouse button
[+] New export menu
[+] New print preview dialog
[+] Export whole database or only a branch into CHM
[+] Export of current document into XML and MHT
[+] "Rename" section popup menu item
[*] Stay on Top keyboard shortcut was changed to Ctrl+Y
[*] Ctrl+S will save database but there is still no need in it
[*] Under Vista with UAC enabled .ini file will be saved to AppData folder
[*] Font size combobox didn't set the size entered manually
[*] Paste with Ctrl+V and menu inside the table
[*] Better 'close and minimize to notification area' handling
[*] Some minor fixes and improvements

December 25, 2007
New Mars Notebook 1.5 has been released:

[+] Multilanguage support with .lng files (Languages folder)
[+] New program languages: Spanish, Bulgarian
[+] A lot more section icons were added (now 361 in total)
[+] New insert hyperlink dialog
[+] Local hyperlinks (use 'local://24' where 24 is a section tag from it's properties)
[+] New advanced color selection dialog
[+] Passwords generator (menu Insert -> Password...)
[+] Automatic database backup options
[+] Tree branch export to a new database (right click on section)
[+] Tree navigation history
[*] New toolbars icons
[+] Subscript and superscript buttons
[+] Option to prevent from running multiple application instances
[+] Possibility to repair corrupted database
[+] /repair command line parameter to repair corrupted database
[*] Correct handling of corrupted or removed databases
[+] 'Save Database as...' in File menu
[+] 'Close Database' in File menu
[+] New and Open buttons on toolbar
[+] Ctrl+[0]..[9] keyboard shortcuts to apply style
[+] Possibility to clear recent files list
[+] Hot key for horizontal line insertion - [Ctrl]+[-]
[*] Creating new section will not expand all upper sections anymore
[*] Unicode text paste fixed (will work for newly created sections only)
[*] Adding new section in autoedit mode caused saving data to this section from the previous one
[*] Mozilla browser was changed to Safari in preferences
[-] "Cancel" button in program preferences
[*] As usual minor bugs were fixed and some improvements made

May 1, 2007
New Mars Notebook 1.41 is available:

[*] Ctrl+V pastes into text editor even when editing section name
[*] Saving config to readonly file error handle
[*] All menu items and skinned windows are in Unicode now
[*] New skinned and Unicode user dictionary editor dialog
[*] F1-F12 keys can be set as hotkey without Shift, Ctrl, Alt
[+] Possibility to set text background color in style
[+] The style can be applied to text without font name change
[+] Double click on section can also show it's properties
[+] List of recently opened files in File -> Open menu
[+] Recently used fonts list in dropdown combo
[*] Some other small bugs were fixed

[+] - Added
[-] - Removed

[*] - Fixed, improved[/color]
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