New Miranda IM 0.4.3 alpha build #37 MarsPack 3

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28 october 2005
New compilation of Miranda IM 0.4.3 alpha build #37 MarsPack 3 available

Updated components:
Russian language -
AIM TOC2 protocol -
SmileyAdd -
Weather -
Updater -
ICQ/ISee - now supports avatars

Added components:
SMS - SMS communication plugin thru ICQ network
Modern Contact List Layered - skin support for contact list
4 skins for Modern Contact List Layered:
- Cristal
- Tweety Aqua
- Vista Glass 1.4
- Vista Aero Glass 0.02

Removed components:

If you wasn't used Miranda IM before and this is your first installation - you will need to spend some time before you can get all included plugins works. Most of all plugins are not configured by default.
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