New Miranda IM 0.4.3 alpha build #36 MarsPack 2

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7 october 2005
New compilation of Miranda IM 0.4.3 alpha build #36 MarsPack 2 available

Updated components:

Russian language -
AIM TOC2 protocol -
Chat -
Classic Contact List -
Database Editor++ -
Gadu-gadu -
IRC protocol -
Jabber protocol -
MSN protocol -
Send/Receive Contacts UI+ -
SmileyAdd -
Yahoo protocol -

Added components:
Updater - allows update Miranda components

Removed components:
ICQ create UIN utility
Wassup was removed because it's not working now


ISee plugin added to this compilation. Yes! It's works again.

IEView plugin added which provides new features for SRMM/TabSRMM:
- animated emoticons
- background images
- customization of log appearance with CSS files
- look of log window may be built from scratch with HTML templates

Templates folder contains 6 templates for IEView.

Smileys folder contains 2 subfolders with smileys for IEView: Anim3DSmiley и AngiSmileysIE.

New PopUp plugin with skins support. One skin included.

Russan language module from BasiL compiled from different modules to get most full translation. This compilation translated in full.
It's possible not to install russian language.

If you wasn't used Miranda IM before and this is your first installation - you will need to spend some time before you can get all included plugins works. Most of all plugins are not configured by default.
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