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Mars Notebook is the very useful tree-styled personal information manager.

You can use it every day as your assistant in your work and life. It always can be close to you - in system tray and ready to help. If you found something interesting in Internet or friend asked you to do something or remember - use Notebook, it's safe one place for all your data.

It has full featured text editor with tables, any kind of font formatting, colors, bullets, numbering, indents, line spacing, font spacing, undo/redo, spell checker, styles, background color and more. It's possible to print, preview and edit document properties.

Also it's possible to insert hyperlinks, pictures, symbols. You can import MS Word, HTML, text, Unicode text, Works, WordPerfect, Windows Write, RTF files into your document. And you can export your documents to any of these formats. Also it's possible to export whole database or it's part into CHM, PDF or set of HTML files with tree navigation.

Amount of sections that you can create is not limited and sections can be at any level in the tree. Each section has own document, name and icon, more than 350 icons are available with ability to add your own. You can insert, delete, move sections with drag'n'drop.

Password can be assigned for your data. It's not possible to open your database without entering a password. All data are strong encrypted using your password. You can also assign a fake password, if someone will enter it all data will be destroyed and program will be started with empty database. It's possible to lock program instead of close when you leaving your workplace for some time, if you forgot to do this - program can do it automatically after configurable amount of inactivity time.

All your data and sections will be saved into single file, so it's easy to transport it to other place or backup. You don't need to worry about saving data - program always does it automatically.

Small demo database included. Please find it in your Documents folder after installation.

Some other features:
- 8 strong encryption algorithms with up to 448bit key
- spell checker with more than 25 free dictionaries and autocorrect feature
- 361 integrated icons and ability to add your own icons to each database
- passwords generator
- automatic database backup
- editable external program skins
- calendar integrated
- ability to insert flash videos from different online services
- checking for new version availability via Internet
- save program options to registry or to file
- works perfectly from external devices in portable mode
- you can create your own templates for fast insertion
- search and replace in all available sections
- calculator toolbar can evaluate expressions like ROUND((14+82)*17-(SQR(4)/2+PI))-955
- all toolbars and keyboard shortcuts are configurable

Available in several languages (included): English (American) Russian Spanish Spanish (Argentina) Italian German French Bulgarian Polish Ukrainian Czech Chinese (BIG5)


Latest version is 2.21. You can download it from here.


Mars Notebook is not freeware and not expensive - just $17
Unregistered version has some features limits:
    - you can not use encryption
    - the maximum amount of sections is 30
    - when program starts nag screen appears
You can find out how to register this software here.


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